Coordinating Southeast Texas Navy, Florida Search and Rescue, and many other groups. Signup to Volunteer.
We are the only Volunteer Rescue Group with GPS Dispatching of Rescue Calls to our Volunteers.

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Over 7,000 people rescued during Hurricane Harvey.

We now have over 150 registered volunteers that will be dispatched via our dispatching app to your location.

Note: we are volunteers and you should first contact your local authorities for help. We do not guaruntee Rescue. Prepare for a several day period without Rescue or services.

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This Section will remain closed until we re active our Volunteers.

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Live Dispatching via Mobile App.

(Provided by: Beacon Software Company)

Please make sure you have logged in to the mobile app once in Florida ready to help. Its the only way our dispatchers can see you.

Registration is now CLOSED!

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